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Rangatira whai hua

Do we have your up-to-date details?


Our goal is to communicate and engage with as many of our beneficiaries as possible on the development opportunity for the whenua. Right now, we know there are approximately 5050 persons on the register of beneficial owners, but we only have up-to-date contact information for 30% (approximately) of them.

If you believe you are a beneficiary, or know someone who is, then please check the Māori Land Online records, provided here. Once you have done this, or need assistance, please contact us so we can update our records and involve you and your whanau trusts.

How to stay informed


As noted above we are looking to identify if there are alternative ways to unlock the development potential of the Trust without access to development funding via securitisation of the land. The proposed Government post Covid-19 economic recovery packages may open up new opportunities that did not exist previously.

Rather than rush into premature owners’ consultation we will take a little further time to explore these matters further and bring back clear and researched updated development proposals ahead of a general meeting.

Please make sure we have your details and keep checking the news/rongo hou section of this site.

Previous updates

Here is a list of recent communications from trustees to beneficiaries

  • Application lodged by Tumu Kaituna 14 Trust.

View Application Lodged by Tumu Kaituna 14 Trust

  • Hearings were held in the Māori Land Court in June 2018 and Judge Coxhead decided on 24th October 2018 to dismiss both applications.

View Copy of Courts Decision 24th October 2018

  • Panui dated 6 September 2019

View Panui 6th September 2019


  • Panui dated 26 June 2020

View Panui 26 June 2020

Further communications and information:

  • Chair’s introduction at general meeting held 17th June 2017

View Chair Introduction

  • Survey Results (tabled at GM)

View 2017 Survey Results

  • Minutes of general meeting of owners held 17th June 2017 (draft, to be confirmed at next GM)

View Minutes of General Meeting of Owners held on 17th June 2017

  • Copy of Chairman’s letter 30 June 2017

View Copy of Chairman’s Letter 30th June 2017

  • Resolutions (as mailed with voting paper)

View Resolutions

  • Notice and letter mailed 1 June 2017 about a general meeting of owners

View Notice of General Meeting mailed 1st June 2017

  • Letter from the Chairman

View Letter from Chairmain 1st June 2017

  • Draft Resolutions

View Draft Resolutions

  • Maori Appellate Court Decision dated 9 April 2020



At the general meeting of owners held on 4th March 2017 it was resolved that the presentations on the land development opportunity would be made available to owners.



  • Te Tumu Development Opportunity – (Malcolm Short).
    Presented at General Meeting.

View Te Tumu Kaituna 14 Trust Development Opportunity Document

  • Te Tumu Overview – (Jeff Fletcher).
    Presented at General Meeting.

View Te Tumu Overview Document

  • Proposed Trust Order Review
    As circulated, and tabled at general meeting.

View Proposed Trust Order Review Document

  • Minutes of General Meeting of Owners held on 4th March 2017.
    (note, these minutes will not be formally approved until the next General meeting).

View Minutes of General Meeting of Owners held on 4th March 2017

  • Panui – mailed to all owners (on 5/4/17) for whom addresses are held

View Panui mailed to all owners 5th April 2017

View Owners’ Survey Form Pdf included with Panui